JPRO Network is committed to supporting all those who work for the nonprofit Jewish sector in North America. WellAdvised is just one of our member benefits, bringing you smart, solid advice right when you need it.

the idea

When we opened a survey in 2017 to ask professionals what they wanted and needed to feel supported in their work, over 1,000 people responded, and now their input is driving our programs. Four out of five respondents told us this initiative would be of great value to them or a colleague.  

the process

You realize you'd like some great advice from someone wise and accomplished in the Jewish nonprofit sector - someone who's been there, can relate to your situation, and can provide thoughtful, personal guidance. You browse our list of topics to find the one that best matches your situation, you scan our WellAdvisors to check if there's anyone you need to rule out based on a pre-existing relationship or other conflict, and you sign up! We assign your advisor and you schedule your session, then we send you a few "intake questions" to reflect on. You send us the answers to those questions at least 48 hours before your session (so you and your advisor can jump right in with clarifying questions and helpful ideas, rather than spending your time together setting the scene and giving background information), and then you have your one-hour WellAdvised session over Zoom*!

After the session, we'll ask you to do a quick evaluation to let us know how we're doing, and you'll have one follow-up email exchange with your advisor to check in. That's it! 

*Zoom is a free and easy-to-use videoconference platform - we'll send you the information you need to log in to the session.

the pilot and round two

The first WellAdvised pilot stage ran from January to June 2018, with 14 advisors. We planned to give it a go with 50 sessions and instead 70 sessions took place! It was terrific to learn that demand truly existed for this program and that we were meeting a real need of our community - and we ended up learning a lot about the logistics of our system. Then we re-tooled a bit and opened for business again, with new sessions available beginning on October 3, 2018. This “round” closed at the end o f the year, and we’ll be back again in March of 2019! As we continue to learn and grow and tweak, you may still encounter some kinks in the system. We are truly eager to hear about any issues you may find or ideas you have to improve the project in the future. Be in touch to offer suggestions or feedback of any kind at

The Name

Good advice can come from anywhere, but our sector has its special opportunities and challenges. Our advisors are not just smart, accomplished professionals; they are also able to draw on the well of Jewish tradition to provide nourishing, creative, and nuanced ideas for your consideration.

The topics

Our advising topics were chosen to meet the following criteria:

  • To meet real needs and challenges faced by early and mid-career professionals

  • Relevant advice can be provided by a mid- to senior-career professional who is a talented generalist

  • Meaningful next steps can be identified in a single, hour-long session

More about JPRO Network and Welladvised

JPRO Network works to amplify the ability of Jewish community professionals to contribute to the vitality of their communities, by supporting career growth and networking, and serving as the central resource for professional development.

WellAdvised is supported in part by a generous grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation.